Our Congregation

The Christian Church at DeLeon Springs is a non-denominational Christian Church, located in DeLeon Springs, Florida. We are a Christ centered congregation, focused on three main principles:

First – Connecting people to God. It begins with a Plan we have adopted of Praying For One. This allows God to be the provider of people He wants us to connect with and share His love and merciful message with. It takes away our excuse that “we don’t know any lost people.”

Second – Connecting People to People. Move people to cultivate authentic love for others in Life Groups. Scripture says, “Pray for one another, build each other up, comfort one another, honor one another, live in harmony with one another, accept one another, and many more.

Third – Connecting People to Mission. Application comes when we deploy disciples out into the community, whether it is local or global to implement the plan of Praying For One into action.

Full circle Vision

Living Life On Mission Reaching The Lost is our Mission Pursuit.

Pray For One is the heart of our Vision. Passionately consumed with Christ’s mission of finding the ONE.

A simple prayer that says, “God give me ONE person to pray for to share Your love and gospel with.”

The heart of Jesus was for the ONE lost sheep; the ONE lost prodigal. Anyone can pray for ANYONE. And anyone is just that: Anyone. At CCDS, we are investing in God’s Kingdom and His gospel instructs us to save the lost, disciple the saved and deploy the discipled. If you and I are empowered to Live a Life on Mission, Pray for One will consume us. Our purpose for living will change. It will be addictive. The first words rolling off our tongue will be: Pray For ONE. When we do, hold on, because God has a mighty experience waiting for us. “LORD GIVE ME ONE.”

We pray for God to bring across our path someone in need of His salvation. The lost are saved and we move them into learning more about who Christ is. Then we take that disciple and deploy him or her out to pray and find lost people.