At The Christian Church at DeLeon Springs, we believe that our leaders are to lead by the Biblical principles of teamwork and mentoring, as Christ and the Apostles modeled in the early church. Teamwork begins at CCDS, as it did with the early church, with Elders as the overseers and shepherds (Acts). This continues through our Ministry Staff, and across all of our ministry team leaders. Following in the example of the Apostle Paul with Timothy, our leaders strive to be mentors and encouragers of other leaders. (1 Tim 4; Heb 10:24; Acts 20:1; 1 Pet 5:12)

Ministries at CCDS

Administration Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Jill Fitzgerald
*Mission Statement:  Plan and assure performance of the financial and business activities of the Christian Church at DeLeon Springs within high ethical standards and generally accepted business practices.
*Programs:  Accounting and Reporting—Budgeting—Collections and Deposits—Treasury
*Support Staff:  Nancy Simms, Michelle Barberi

Benevolence Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Linda Whitener
*Mission Statement:  Provide a system for assisting people in need, arranging for aid as needed by members and occasionally non-members in need of temporary specific assistance.
Interfaith Kitchen–Plan and organize support staff for cooking and serving.  Responsible for communicating with the Facility Director concerning scheduling days of service.
Ongoing Benevolent Needs–Provide and maintain information on various needs that arise either within the congregation, or needs within the community.

Building Ministry
Ministry Leader: James Hawkins
*Mission Statement:  Manage and maintain the physical facilities
Building–Assure that all facilities are maintained in good order, including routine and preventive maintenance inside and outside of the facilities.  Suggest needed improvements and prepare budget estimates.  Arrange for ongoing custodial services, HVAC systems, baptistry cleaning and maintenance.
Facility Use–Assures that the Facility Use Guidelines are followed on all occasions where the facilities are used.  Develop printed Guidelines for Private Events (weddings, etc) including building access, set-up & clean up.
Vehicles–Provide for maintenance and upkeep of the vehicle fleet.  Includes regular servicing and repairs and replacement as required.  Assure availability and documentation of properly licensed drivers.

Communication Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Susanne Hawkins
*Mission Statement:  The Communications Ministry Team magnifies and multiplies the gospel throughout our community and to the ends of the earth by empowering the ministries and members of CCDS to engage in Christ-reflecting and effective interpersonal, inter-organizational and external communication.
Offering a Comprehensive Electronic Connection
• Web site
• Weekly “update”
• Audio-visual Announcements
• Streamed video and audio
• Facebook, YouTube Video presentations
• Text alerts when needed
Developing A Wide Array Of Print Resources
• Church bulletin
• Church brochures
• Ministry Opportunities hand out
• Promotional projects
Engaging Key Communicators
• Identify movers and shakers and solicit their help in sharing our story
• Identify informal information leaders within groups of the church and also
solicit their help in sharing our story

Discipleship Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Mark Gaeta
*Mission Statement:  Primary goal is to establish and maintain consistent discipleship education for the Word of God to be taught, explored, and implemented into a person’s life and communicated to a lost world.  In the church, discipleship encompasses the goal of maturing in the Christian faith through the practice of spiritual disciplines, growing in personal knowledge and understanding of God and his Word, increasingly living out that knowledge by applying its meaning to daily life, and desiring to build these qualities into the lives of others.
Life-Groups–Establishing, coordinating and organizing scheduled groups that comprise of a Host home, teaching leader or facilitator, communication person if needed and refreshments (if so desired by the group).
Plan and implement opportunities for deepening and strengthening the spiritual life of the congregation.
Research the spiritual needs and gifts of adults in the church.
Develop long-term plans for Bible study and spiritual formation among the members of the church.
Recruit Sunday school teachers, small group leaders, Bible study teachers, home hosts, and other volunteers to help with the church’s discipleship programs and ministries.
Provide training for teachers and leaders in the discipleship ministry.
Program special events, seminars, and workshops that enhance the spiritual growth of church members.
Arrange for speakers and facilitate discussions on topics such as Bible study, prayer, using spiritual gifts, interpersonal relationships, and spiritual disciplines.
Provide fellowship opportunities and events that nurture the spiritual life of the congregation.
Coordinate new members’ classes to emphasize the importance of spiritual growth within the church.
Encourage outreach and service projects among individuals and various groups in the church as part of an overall discipleship program.

Family Life Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Mark Gaeta

Fellowship Ministry
Ministry Leader: 
*Mission Statement:  Provide congregation activities to encourage and uplift our members, to strengthen relationships among us and to appeal to non-members and visitors.

Grounds Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Mike Humphreys
*Mission Statement:  To maintain the grounds targeting the landscape to provide a pleasing and welcoming appearance.
*Programs:  Flowerbeds, Mowing, Maintenance

Mission Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Camy Brooks
*Mission Statement:  To determine, with guidance from the Holy Spirit, our congregation’s approach to spreading the gospel to the lost, whether that mission is in our state, country, or around the world.  Our goal is that our mission effort will be pleasing to God and will best serve His desire that all people everywhere should be saved.
*Programs:  Faith Promise–Our main financial funding system by which our congregation pledges, by faith, a desired amount per year that they will give to assist the specific missions our congregation supports.

Prayer Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Merlin Carr
*Mission Statement:  To pray, intercede, stand in the gap, and war on behalf of the undeserved, saved and unsaved, loved and those feeling unloved in the earth.
Pray For One
Prayer Chain
Prayer Listing
Prayer Small Group
Prayer Partners

Worship Ministry
Ministry Leader:  Nancy Simms
*Mission Statement:  To provide a spiritual atmosphere for people to worship and glorify God.  To lead His people in prayer, praise, communion and the preaching of the Word.
*Programs:  All aspects of Worship presentation, special events.

Women With Purpose (WWP)
Ministry Leaders:  Marie Spangler and Debbie Aten
*Mission Statement:  The mission of the Women with Purpose is to encourage a willing spirit.  To show Christ to others in our actions, words, and prayers.  To assist other ministries and serve His Church while fostering fellowship and forging friendships.
Assist the Easter Drive Thru when Planned
Partner with the DeLeon Springs Community Association to assist in programs to help others in our area.
Organize preparations for funeral/memorial services meals.
Partner with Head Start.
We prepare items for nursing homes, the shut-ins and the sick.
Much, much more.