Nominations for Elders and Deacons.

Please submit recommendations for men to serve as elders or deacons to the elders (Bob Evers & Roger Wagner).

Please pray about your recommendations and speak with the person(s) you recommend before submitting them to the elders.

All recommendations should be active members of our church and please submit them in writing by February 7th.

Thank you.

FAITH PROMISE RALLY-January 24th & 31st


STILL Unstoppable: Locked In or Locked out, God Is Never Locked Down!

Some of our missionaries have been locked in the countries they serve, unable to leave to come home, while others have been locked out of the countries they serve, having to become creative in order to continue the ministry God has given them.

In both circumstance, God has shown that He can’t be locked down. Encouraging reports have come from all our missionaries about the success God has given them in this pandemic to minister and impact people’s lives for Christ.

Opening Sunday, January 24, Larry and Terri Lewis of Lewis Connections in Berlin, Germany will be speaking.

Pledge Sunday, January 31, David Peters of Rapha International will be speaking.

Our Goal: $35,000

Reading through the Gospel of John.

Carve out time every day to read the Gospel of John. Pick up your free journal of the Gospel of John in the foyer.

Reading Plan:

February 7- John 3

February 14- John 4

February 21- John 5

February 28- John 6

Small Groups KICK-OFF THIS WEEK with our first study in the Gospel of John.

Each group will be meeting in someone’s home or at the church.

Each small group has a certain day and time of each week they meet for study.

Call Church for day, time and location scheduled or request a copy of the bulletin to be emailed to you.

Email address for the bulletin is:

STAFFED NURSERY for each service.


Our Middle School group will study the Gospel of John, “Kicking Off”  next Sunday.

Bob Evers is leading this group each week with video teaching and Bible study.

Join us at 10:30 AM in Room 101.


Children from grades K-5 will worship in church for the next several weeks.

Children’s programming during our 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM services will resume ASAP. 

We will keep you updated.



CHILDREN’S CHURCH meets during the 10:30  service!

Children from grades K-5 are encouraged to be part of  Children’s Church.

Children can sit with their families for worship.

Children and their teacher are dismissed after the offering (watch for the screen slide).

Parents will pick up their children in the Children’s Church room after the service.

Thank you!


Who do you know that needs to hear God’s Story?

SHARE it with them!

If you know someone who needs God and God’s Story in their lives, BE THE ONE to share it with them!