01/05/2020 Revisit the history of David as a young man. There are many details that are over looked and why did it take so long for him to be crowned King once his head had been anointed with oil? What can I learn about God, loyalty, honor, bravery, character from David? Watch, learn and more

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“Two Princes”

12/29/2019 Guest Speaker: Les Hardin What are some of the details around the birth of Christ? Have you ever placed yourself in that culture and time? Let go back and get a deeper understanding of what was really going on. Watch and learn.

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The Silence Before Christmas

12/22/2019 What does a blank page tell you? It actually says a lot. Walk through Matthew 1:18-25 and allow some light to shine in on some wonderful fact about those scripture as they unfold. Visit us at: Christian Church at DeLeon Springs 4481 Mills Rd Deland, FL 32724

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